Here you will find your contact persons at the headquarters in Malente and the European partners.

Headquarter Factory Malente

Fa. Karl G. Klemz GmbH
Lütjenburger Str. 49 a
23714 Bad Malente

Telefon: 0 45 23 – 99 77-0
Fax: 0 45 23 – 99 77 77

Contact Persons

according to individual departments: Management, technical management, quality assurance, purchasing, work preparation (QMB), order processing, accounting

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Since our founding in 1950, we supply companies in the world.

In order to be able to serve the wishes of our customers in a wide variety of industrial sectors, it goes without saying that our engineers write their own programs for manufacturing the parts or - if necessary - build entire machines themselves.

Service Hotline

0 45 23 – 99 77 0

Our development

Karl G. Klemz electrical insulation-Technik GmbH was founded in 1950 by the engineer Karl-Günter Klemz. Today the product range includes construction parts maximum precision from all thermoset laminates

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Our company is dedicated since 1950 to the world of plastics. We see ourselves as partners to our customers, we are happy to advise during the development to be able to select the right material for the intended use.

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Engagement in the region

For many years, our company supports the company in our home. For example, we provide kits for the sports teams of our local clubs, provide financial assistance fo

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