Industry Sectors


Our products are used in many key industries. Our customers are distributors and engineering offices, research institutions and international corporations.

Worldwide - Made in Germany.

Automotive industry

Whether prototype construction in the construction phase or serial production in millions: We are your competent partner for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Railway technology

The materials we have developed are adapted to the special needs of the rail industry (fire protection). From maintenance work on locomotives to the development of the most modern parts for the Eurostar, Klemz supplies the right components.


Coils, transformers, circuit boards and various electronic devices are equipped with our components.

Electrical engineering

Slot wedges in motors and generators for wind and water power, components for switchboards, insulation material for low, medium and high voltage devices or automation technology: our products can be used in a variety of ways.

Aircraft construction

One of the first window frames of the A 380 was manufactured in Bad Malente, but we are also “on board” in many other aircraft.

Maritime industry

Not only because our founder Karl Günter Klemz was chief engineer on a submarine but also to our close distance to traditional germaqn docyard in Kiel we are from the beginning supplier for maritime industry.


Rings, covers, blocks, washers and much more made of thermosets are increasingly being used in mechanical engineering as a cheap alternative to metal.

Medical technology

For many years we supply leading medical companies with its special requirements which we fulfill.

Space technology

Whether satellites, space stations or rockets - there are always parts from Bad Malente on board.


Since our founding in 1950, we supply companies in the world.

In order to be able to serve the wishes of our customers in a wide variety of industrial sectors, it goes without saying that our engineers write their own programs for manufacturing the parts or - if necessary - build entire machines themselves.

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Our development

Karl G. Klemz electrical insulation-Technik GmbH was founded in 1950 by the engineer Karl-Günter Klemz. Today the product range includes construction parts maximum precision from all thermoset laminates

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Engagement in the region

For many years, our company supports the company in our home. For example, we provide kits for the sports teams of our local clubs, provide financial assistance fo

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